1 November 2019 from 16:15 to 17:00

Inaugural lecture Eva Knies: The bright and the dark sides of Strategic Human Resource Management

Prof Eva Knies will adddress ‘The bright and the dark sides of Strategic Human Resource Management’ in her inaugural lecture, accepting her position as professor in the faculty of Law, Economics and Governance of Utrecht University. She was appointed to the chair 'Strategic Human Resource Management' on 1 March 2018 by the Executive Board of Utrecht University. Her chair is positioned in the Utrecht University School of Governance (USG).

Eva Knies is a leading researcher in the USG research programme Public Matters, in particular the core theme Strategic HRM & Public service performance. She works in close collaboration with other researchers within the hub Future of Work of the Institutions for Open Societies strategic theme and the Professional Performance focus area of Utrecht University. She is the programme director of the Master's programme Strategic Human Resource Management.

Eva Knies will give her inaugural lecture on Friday 1 November 2019 in the Auditorium of the University Hall, Domplein 29, Utrecht.

Interview with Eva Knies

Earlier, we interviewed Eva Knies about her chair. You can read the interview here.

Start date and time
1 November 2019 16:15
End date and time
1 November 2019 17:00
Prof. Eva Knies
Strategic Human Resource Management
Inaugural lecture
De zon- en schaduwzijde van Strategisch Human Resource Management