Inaugural lecture: Art and Destiny

Inaugural lecture of Dr. Stefan G.D. Rüdiger

Prof. dr. Stefan Rüdiger

On Monday 2 October 2023, dr. Stefan Rüdiger  will hold his inaugural lecture, titled: 'Art and Destiny'.

Dr. Stefan G.D. Rüdiger has been appointed Professor at the Faculty of Science to undertake activities in the field of ‘Protein chemistry of disease’.

The inaugural lecture can only be physically attended by invited guests. The Executive Board of Utrecht University hereby cordially invites you to attend the ceremony online. You can follow the inaugural lecture via the link below.

Ahead of the inaugural lecture, the ‘Chemistry of Disease’ symposium will take place. During this symposium, experts will be sharing their knowledge, insights, and the latest developments in the field. The diverse programme caters to both seasoned professionals and curious students.

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Academiegebouw, Domplein 29
Dr. Stefan Rüdiger
Protein Chemistry of Disease
Inaugural lecture
Art and Destiny