Improving Students’ Self-Assessments of Learning Artefacts and Educational Scholarship


Christian Köppe (PhD-candidate) will speak about “Improving Students’ Self-Assessments of Learning Artefacts”. Students in higher education are regularly asked to self-assess their work. Even though there seems to be a general agreement that self-assessment is a valuable practice, reports on concrete applications continue to show mixed results. It seems that there is still a gap in understanding howwhy, and when self-assessment  works well and when it does not. The main focus of his research is on filling this gap. In this talk he will present the first step he made: identifying the elements relevant for understanding (and consequently fostering) students’ self-assessments of learning artefacts.

Dr. ir. Irma Meijerman has a particular interest in the professional development of teachers in higher education, and educational scholarship. As Senior Fellow of the Centre for Academic Teaching she is involved in projects supporting teachers that want to get engaged in educational scholarship. Irma has been involved in initiating several initiatives for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, such as the yearly Utrecht SoTL-conference, a special interest group on SoTL, and the SoTL-grants provided by CAT.

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Boothzaal, University Library Utrecht Science Park
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