IMAU colloquium Hot Topics Jørgen Randers (BI Norwegian Business School)

Methane release from thawing permafrost, an underestimated carbon cycle feedback in global climate models

Within the IMAU colloquium series a special series is embedded called “Hot Topics in Climate”. This year the series will be devoted to the carbon cycle and geo-engineering.
In this series we start with a ca 15-minute introduction by an international expert on the topic, which can be a bit provocative emphasizing points where scientists still disagree, or where the science is still controversial, followed by ca 45 minutes of open discussion.

Our last speaker is Jørgen Randers who will discuss “Methane release from thawing permafrost, an underestimated carbon cycle feedback in global climate models”.

Jørgen Randers is professor emeritus of climate strategy at the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. He is a full member of the Club of Rome and has for many decades been devoted to future studies, starting from his co-authorship of The Limits to Growth, the famous report to The Club of Rome in 1972. Jørgen is also an expert on the climate problem, energy policy, and system dynamics. He reshaped the WWF – the Worldwide Fund for Nature – as its deputy director general in Switzerland. His publications further include 2052 - A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years, One Percent is Enough and Reinventing Prosperity.
Jørgen recently used a low-complexity Earth System Model to demonstrate self-sustained thawing of permafrost, even if manmade greenhouse gas emissions stop in 2020; He argues that self-sustained thawing of permafrost is not seen in other climate models, simply because they are built in a manner which does not allow this phenomenon (they are largely concentration driven and built without explicit carbon cycle feedbacks).

The colloquium will take place on April 13th from 16.00-17.00. You can participate via the link found here.

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