IMAU Colloquium - Anna Kroon (TU Delft)


Subaqueous and Subaerial Beach Changes at a Mega Nourishment in Front of a Sea Dike

Sandy nourishments can provide additional sediment to the coastal system to maintain its recreational or safety function under rising sea levels. These nourishments can be implemented at sandy beach systems, but can also be used to reinforce gray coastal infrastructure (e.g., dams, dikes, seawalls). The Hondsbossche Dunes project is a combined shoreface, beach, and dune nourishment of 35 million cubic meters of sand. The nourishment was built to replace the flood protection function of an old sea-dike while creating additional space for nature and recreation. 
Expectations on the evolution of coastal state indicators, such as beach width (as proxy for recreation) and subaerial sediment volume (as proxy for coastal safety), are important in engineering practice and creating stakeholder support of (mega-)nourishments. Therefore, I will present the evolution of this newly created sandy beach system in the first 5 years after implementation, based on analysis of bathymetric and topographic surveys, acquired every three to six months. 

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