19 September 2018 from 19:00 to 23:00

Humanities Night 2018: Heroes and Villains

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On 19 September the Humanities Night will take place in TivoliVredenburg. Humanities Night is a festival dedicated to heroes and villains and the struggle between good and evil. The evening will be organised by the Centre for the Humanities in collaboration with Het Literatuurhuis. Salman Rushdie will be the main speaker at the event.

Good and evil will be discussed in relation to topics like religion, politics, movies, literature and the internet, in the form of short presentations and columns, interactive sessions, debate and workshops. The programme of the Humanities Night is currently in the making, more information will follow.

Humanities Night

The Humanities Night will take place during the International Literature Festival Utrecht (ILFU) organised by Het Literatuurhuis. The Humanities Night aims to present an attractive evening on literature and science. Literature here is meant in a broad sense, not only literature, but also (art) history, philosophy, media and cultural studies and more, in the form of TED Talks, workshops and debate. The Centre for the Humanities is partner of this evening.

More information is available in Dutch.

Start date and time
19 September 2018 19:00
End date and time
19 September 2018 23:00