Human-centered AI colloquium with Hans Marien: AI Approach to Low-literacy

Digitale letters. Foto: Anton Mksimov, via Unsplash

The Human-centered Artificial Intelligence Colloquium Committee invites you to attend the colloquium on 22 November. The talk AI Approach to Low-literacy will be presented by Assistant Professor and expert on the psychology of behavioural change Hans Marien. After the colloquium, you are warmly invited to join us for drinks.

AI-approach to low-literacy

Marien will present current research on the use of AI in addressing the issue of low-literacy. He will give an overview of ongoing projects that are carried out within the context of the ELSA lab: AI-approach to low-literacy. The talk will include a presentation of recent findings on the use of speech technology to automatically detect low-literacy while simultaneously empowering the users to assist them in training their basic skills of reading and writing. Marien will also discuss whether the AI use-case of low-literacy can help us interpret and understand social inequality in the digital transformation of our society in general. 

Hans Marien

Hans Marien is an assistant professor at Utrecht University's Social, Health and Organisational Psychology department. His research focuses on the field of the psychology of behaviour change. With this, he aims to better understand human behaviour underlying contemporary societal issues, such as low literacy and the undermining of human autonomy. He investigates various types of interventions, including AI applications. Within this context, he also serves as the general coordinator of the ELSA lab: AI Approach to Low-Literacy.

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Science Park, Marinus Ruppert Building, 134

Registration for the colloquium is not necessary. Do sign up if you intend to join us for drinks afterwards.

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