HAI Colloquium with Jan Broersen: We Need to Talk about Intelligence


On 14 December, the next HAI colloquium will take place with professor of Logic-based methods in artificial intelligence Jan Broersen. The presentation will be followed by End of Year Drinks.


Jan Broersen will give a definition of intelligence that will help us to better understand several problems raised in the philosophy of artificial intelligence. Among these problems are the distinction between qualitative and quantitative aspects of intelligence, the Aunt Bubbles argument in relation to the nature of intelligence, the possibility and character of artificial general intelligence (AGI), and the rationale behind the instrumental convergence thesis and the orthogonality thesis.

The presented view is relevant for discussions concerning the regulation of AI, but also for the philosophical inquiry into the nature of computation and intelligence.

Jan Broersen

Jan Broersen is professor of logical methods in Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a background in mathematics, logic and computer science he studies AI from a humanities perspective. His main interests are responsible AI, knowledge representation and reasoning, and logic theories of agency.

Start date and time
End date and time
Marinus Ruppert building, Red auditorium

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