HAI Colloquium with Iris van der Tuin and Marta Zarzycka: Between Privacy and Serendipity

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The Human-centered Artificial Intelligence Colloquium Committee warmly invites you to attend the January colloquium. The talk 'Between Privacy and Serendipity: On At-Risk Scholars in Algorithmic Times' will be presented by Professor in the Theory of Cultural Inquiry Iris van der Tuin en Dr Marta Zarzycka (Counter Abuse Technologies, Google LLC).

On at-risk scholars in algorithmic times

This transdisciplinary talk centers around a real-life challenge: how to make sure that at-risk scholars can conduct their on-line research safely while not losing the chance to benefit from the serendipitous aspect of internet usage? Serendipity, here, refers to finding something beneficial by chance online.

Imagine you are a scholar from an at-risk group (a group facing disproportionate risk of targeted abuses on- and offline) researching an at-risk theme online. Research shows that this group is vulnerable both inside academia and in society at large, but there is a paucity of conceptualizations, methods, and data when it comes to their privacy habits and expectations across various platforms and search engines. When do at-rist scholars share just enough data to protect their privacy and mitigate online and off-line risks, while benefiting fully from algorithmic suggestions? What precautions, if any, should they be taking?

This talk reflects on these questions as we are currently working towards a comprehensive understanding of scholars’ expectations and concerns towards their privacy across several big tech platforms and search engines. Attending this talk, you will learn about transdisciplinary research across industry and the Humanities. 

Iris van der Tuin

Iris van der Tuin is a professor in Theory of Cultural Inquiry at Utrecht University (Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies). Her research is part of the group Transmission in Motion of the Institute of Cultural Inquiry. Iris coordinates the Special Interest Group 'AI in Cultural Inquiry and Art.'

Trained as a feminist epistemologist and working as an interdisciplinarian, she works at the intersection of philosophies of science and the humanities (including science and technology studies), cultural theory, and critical and creative practices of cultural inquiry. These fields meet in humanities scholarship that traverses the 'two cultures’ and reaches beyond the boundaries of academia out to the field of art and culture. Iris is interested in the new and interdisciplinary humanities and in practice-based research of interdisciplinary teaching and learning in Higher Education.

Marta Zarzycka

Marta Zarzycka is a Senior User Experience Researcher at Google (Seattle, Washington, United States). Her Counter Abuse Technologies team builds abuse prevention, detection, and enforcement solutions to keep Google users safe, empowered, and resilient to a variety of abuse: hate speech, toxic comments, non-consensual content sharing, disinformation, misinformation, and many others. Marta excels at articulation and launching strategies that increase online safety for everyone, with particular consideration of at-risk-users, vulnerable groups, and historically disenfranchised communities. 

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