HAI Colloquium Mehdi Dastani: Autonomy in AI Systems

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The Human-centered Artificial Intelligence Colloquium Committee warmly invites you to attend the first colloquium of the academic year 2022-23. Prof. Mehdi Dastani from the Department of Information and Computing Sciences will give a presentation on the autonomy of AI systems.

The autonomy of AI systems 

Dastani will speak about AI systems and their autonomy; that machines perform tasks that involve decision-making on behalf of human decision-makers. In this sense, the autonomy of AI systems is directly related to their ability to make decisions without human supervision or intervention. AI techniques such as automatic planning, practical reasoning, and machine learning are used to develop AI systems that exhibit autonomous behavior.

These techniques are devised to inform AI systems which available actions should be decided to achieve its objectives, given its current information state. In his lecture, Dastani discusses some studies on human decision-making behavior that emphasize the importance of social and cognitive processes, such as reasoning about norms and coping with emotions, for efficient and realistic decision-making.

Based on these studies, Dastani presents and discuss some approaches to enrich existing AI techniques with norm reasoning and emotion processing in order to support the development of efficient and realistic autonomous AI systems.

Mehdi Dastani 

Computer scientist Mehdi Dastani is Professor and chair of the Intelligent Systems group of the Department of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University and program leader of the Master's programme Artificial Intelligence. His research focuses on formal and computational models in artificial intelligence.

Inspired by knowledge and insights from other scientific disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, economy and law, Dastani investigates and develops computer models for autonomous agents whose behaviors are decided based on reasoning about social and cognitive concepts such as knowledge, desires, norms, responsibility and emotions.

Perspectives on artificial intelligence

This colloquium is the the first in a renewed series that will be organised every month from now on. Within these colloquiums, we aim to explore a variety of topics falling under the umbrella of Human-centered AI.

During these meetings, both internal and external speakers from multiple disciplines will share their diverse perspectives on artificial intelligence and its relation to humanity. These colloquiums are open to academics from all departments and of all levels, including interested students.

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