16 November 2017 from 15:15 to 17:00

Guest lecture by classical archaeologist Johannes Bergemann

The Utrecht Center of Ancient Studies cordially invites you to attend its first guest lecture of the academic year on Thursday 16 November. Guest speaker is distinguished classical archaeologists Prof. Johannes Bergemann (University of Göttingen). His lecture is entitled 'Greek chorai and indigenous settlements. Regular and natural land division in southern Sicily'.

Culturally different areas

In recent years, the Göttingen and Bochum survey projects have been studying three areas in Sicily: Gela, Kamarina and the hinterland of Agrigento. Different systems of land use have been reconstructed in these culturally different areas.

Different systems of land use

Kamarina had an early 5th century regular land division, while Gela and other colonies like Himera divided their territories according to the natural characteristics of the landscape. In the Agrigento hinterland, the indigenous population followed very different settlement systems without farmsteads, like the Greeks, but central hilltop settlements.

Sacred landscape

Furthermore, in this lecture it is argued that besides agriculture it was the sacred landscape that shaped the colonial territories.

Start date and time
16 November 2017 15:15
End date and time
16 November 2017 17:00