13 May 2019 from 11:00 to 14:00

Groentetas; Your weekly bag of fresh vegetables

Whether you are in the middle of Dutch gloomy weather, or enjoying a lovely sunny day, there is nothing that will make you feel more vitalized and cheerful than eating your 5 colorful fruits and vegetables a day!

Groentetas is here to help you with that. They are a student-run non-profit that want to shorten the food supply chain and cultivate healthier food systems. They seek to make the world around us happier, healthier, and more sustainable, one veggie bag at a time.

How does this work?

You can order your weekly bag of local, good quality, organic, and seasonal fruit and veggies from them before 6PM every Wednesday, and your box will be ready for pick-up in the Bestuursgebouw lobby on the following Monday.

Sounds like what I need! How can I order a box?

There are 3 ways to place an order;
- Order with card at the stand on Mondays (Visa and Mastercard are accepted)
- Make a direct transfer to their account with your name, email address, and date of order pick-up ( NL 33 TRIO 0254 7063 12)
- Place an order on their website: groentetasutrecht.nl (Dutch bank accounts only)

The price is 6 euros per bag

In collaboration with Local2Local, Groentetas works hard to make healthy, affordable food from local farmers available to everyone. In line with this, they also strive towards a zero-waste, no-plastic, low carbon footprint lifestyle.

Start date and time
13 May 2019 11:00
End date and time
13 May 2019 14:00