10 October 2018 from 12:00 to 16:00

Green Office Utrecht celebrates its fifth anniversary

Adopt-a-Plant, the Living Lab, the Pop-up Thrift Shop, the Green Impact Challenge: just a few of the projects that the Green Office has made happen over the years. On Wednesday October 10th, the Dutch National Day of Sustainability, we invite you to celebrate with us and look back on five years of Green Office Utrecht. Drop by for drinks, snacks, memories and fresh new ideas!

In front of the Green Office on Heidelberglaan (note the change of venue!), we’ll host an interactive exhibition where you can take a journey through five years of Green Office history. Mix your own sustainable smoothie with our Blender Bike, learn about your food’s footprint by playing the Impact Game, find a free second-hand gem in the Mini Thrift Shop and eternalize yourself in our Big Fan Photobooth, so that later you can say: I was there too!

It’s also a chance to look forward together while enjoying a green drink and vegan snack. Our team is keen to hear your thoughts about a sustainable future for our university. Got green ideas? Let them start growing with Green Office Utrecht!


For Green Office Utrecht’s fifth birthday, we received a wonderful birthday present from Utrecht University: a Tiny Forest on campus! This was officially announced yesterday by Annetje Ottow at the festive opening of the Green Office dependence. A Tiny Forest is a dense, indigenous forest with the size of a tennis court. It’s a great place for butterflies, birds, bees, small mammals, and humans! It can be used as an outdoor classroom and a healthy meeting place. A tiny forest provides cooling on hot days, more biodiversity and water storage during heavy rainfall. Read more here.

Start date and time
10 October 2018 12:00
End date and time
10 October 2018 16:00
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