GRASP colloquium by Dr. Bruno Giacomazzo

Institute for Gravitational and Subatomic Physics


Numerical Relativity Simulations of Compact Binary Mergers: Gravitational Wave and Electromagnetic Emission

Dr. Bruno Giacomazzo, University of Milano-Bicocca


In this talk I will provide a short overview of numerical relativity simulations of compact binary mergers carried by my group, with a particular focus on the role of magnetic fields. I will describe the results of fully general relativistic magnetohydrodynamic simulations of binary neutron star mergers as well as of accretion processes onto supermassive black hole binaries. These compact binaries are powerful sources of gravitational waves for, respectively, ground based and space interferometers (such as Virgo, Einstein Telescope, and LISA). They are also sources of bright electromagnetic emission from the radio to the gamma-ray bands. Numerical relativity simulations can shed light on the dynamics of these systems and help us understand the impact that several different physical parameters can have on either their gravitational wave or electromagnetic emission.


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Minnaert building, room 2.02

If you want to join the colloquium online, please send an e-mail to Prof. dr. Chris Van den Broeck