2 February 2018 at

Second Call for papers

Graduate conference in book history

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, lat. 8635, 112r.
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, lat. 8635, 112r.

On Friday 2 February 2018 a graduate conference in book history will be held. The conference is devoted to current research in manuscripts and printed books of the premodern and early modern period (c. 650 - 1600) and is aimed at graduate students (both Research Master's and PhD) from all relevant disciplines. Papers can be submitted until 1 November 2017. The conference is funded by the Netherlands Research School for Medieval Studies (Onderzoekschool Mediëvistiek, OZSMED) and the Utrecht Centre for Medieval Studies.

Call for papers

There are still a few places left for speakers. We welcome papers with a strong focus on medieval manuscripts and early printed books, from a range of fields, including, but not limited to medieval history, literature, art history, theology and philosophy. Speakers are invited to give a 20-minute paper on their research and they are encouraged to comment on their methodology and approach (for example paleography, codicology, reading practices, archival research, material bibliography). The conference aims to be a platform where graduate students can exchange ideas with peers across the discipline of medieval and early modern studies.

Abstracts can be sent to lv271@exeter.ac.uk. Closing date for applications: 1 November 2017.

Participants and Papers

The conference allows for presenters affiliated to Research Master's and PhD programmes in medieval and early modern studies.  The conference will start at 10 am on Friday 2 February 2018 and will conclude with a keynote lecture. The day will consist of blocks of three 20-minute papers, each followed by a 30-minute discussion panel. During the discussion speakers can answer questions from the audience.

Practical information

Coffee and tea will be provided free of charge for all attendants. For speakers, lunch is also free of charge, and others are welcome to join us for a small fee.  Don’t hesitate to contact Rozanne Versendaal or Lenneke van Raaij (r.m.versendaal@uu.nl / lv271@exeter.ac.uk) if you have any questions or comments.

Start date and time
2 February 2018
End date and time
2 February 2018