20 February 2020 from 12:45 to 17:30

Governing mission-oriented innovation policies

At Thursday 20th of February, Utrecht University’s Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development and  the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) are organizing a workshop on the governance of mission-oriented innovation policies. During the workshop, scholars and policy makers will discuss how policy makers can use missions to evoke institutional changes that support the development and adoption of solutions for societal challenges.

A major development in the field of innovation policy is the rising interest for ‘mission-oriented innovation policies’ (MIPs); policies targeted at providing innovative solutions to complex societal problems. The prioritization and pursuit of missions confronts policy makers with governance challenges of a strategic, political or practical nature. Given the rapidly surging interest for MIPs, it is time to better scrutinize these issues and ways to respond to them. At this point little is known about how missions can be managed, what challenges might occur, and what results should be monitored in order to decide on policy adaptation.

The objective of the workshop on the 20th is to create a dialogue between academics and policy makers. Exchanging thoughts and experiences regarding the governance of missions is likely to support policy makers in the struggles they may encounter, while it can also inform scholars trying to understand the potential and limitations of missions.

The policy workshop is part of the activities initiated by the Copernicus Institute’s “Mission-oriented Innovation Policy Observatory” (MIPO). The observatory’s objective is to enhance the understanding, monitoring and effective use of challenge-based innovation missions aimed at solving complex societal problem. Financial support for the workshop is made available by UU’s Institutions for Open Societies (IOS) stream on ‘Institutions, Innovation & Prosperity’.

For more information, please contact dr. Matthijs Janssen at m.j.janssen@uu.nl.

Start date and time
20 February 2020 12:45
End date and time
20 February 2020 17:30