19 March 2018 from 19:30 to 21:30

Geohouse debate: Why is religious terrorism so effective?

Paul Cliteur

In the next Geohouse Debate Meeting on Monday, March 19th philosopher and professor Paul Cliteur will share his views about the religious nature of much of contemporary terrorism and possible countermeasures to what he calls theoterrorism. The meeting is part of the Geohouse Debate Series and organised by the Geosciences Honours College. Everyone is welcome to the meeting and entrance is free. There will be plenty of room for debate with the audience. 

About the speaker

In his new book In de naam van God (In the name of God) Paul Cliteur, philosopher and professor of jurisprudence in Leiden defends the thesis that the type of terrorism we are confronted with nowadays is religious in nature; he calls it “theoterrorism”. The fact that theoterrorists genuinely believe they execute the commands of God makes the struggle against theoterrorism totally different from all the previous sorts of terrorism. According to Cliteur counterterrorism also has to become cultural. We have to confront the terrorist ideology with a counter-ideology. The central elements of the ideology of theoterrorism (divine command ethics, anarchism, theocracy and martyrdom) have to be analysed and contradicted by the central ideas that support liberal democracy.

Start date and time
19 March 2018 19:30
End date and time
19 March 2018 21:30