GDS webinar #2: Dazza Greenwood

Laying the groundwork for information society's large scale public infrastructure

Shibuya Station, Shibuya-ku, Japan
Shibuya Station, Japan. Photo: Matt Palmer (Unsplash)

The next installment of our GDS webinar series will be on October the 27th. The GDS webinar series, an online seminar series, is organized by our Special Interest Group (SIG) coordinators.

They have each invited a leading expert in their research field to enlighten us about the different aspects of governing the digital society. Once a month you will have the opportunity to tune in via our GDS Team or the link to the public stream we will share in Teams and here on our website.

Laying the groundwork for information society's large scale public infrastructure

Thibault Schrepel, coordinator of the SIG "Blockchain for Societies” will host the webinar series on the 27th of October, from 5pm till 6pm. He has invited Dazza Greenwood, creator of the Computational Law Report. Dazza will share his thoughts on laying the groundwork for information society's large scale public infrastructure.

Dazza Greenwood
Dazza Greenwood

About Dazza Greenwood

Dazza Greenwood, a lecturer and research scientist at the MIT Media Lab, conducts research projects on big data, identity federation and trust frameworks with 2013/2014 academic year research focus on defining and developing "Computational Legal Science" as a sub-discipline of computational social science.

Dazza leads the consultancy, providing solutions at the intersection of business, law and technology for the innovation economy.  Dazza also serves as the Vice Chair of the Plenary for the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG of NSTIC), which is developing a framework for federated identity and privacy at the international level.

Governing the Digital Society

This webinar series is organized by the Utrecht University focus area Governing the Digital Society. Governing the Digital Society promotes research on the social processes of datafication, algorithmisation and platformisation. The focus area's basic research inquiry revolves around the question: How to develop and apply principles of (good) governance in digital societies?

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