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From retro games to the latest game research

Games and lectures during Week of the Game

Experience the field of game research and industry in its entire width! In the week from 13 to 17 May, the Utrecht Center for Game Research organizes various game-related activities, from retrogames to scientific lectures. You can also participate with a location-based game and an escape room.

Monday 13 May: lecture by Jeroen van Mastrigt and workshops by game researchers

15.00-17.00 with subsequent drinks, Mezzanine at Minnaert building

Gaming in/for a Changing Society: lecture by Jeroen van Mastrigt, creative director at Freedomlab Future Studies, founder and chairman at the Dutch Game Garden, associate professor and board member at HKU.

Workshop DialogueTrainer by Johan Jeuring. Communication is not always easy, even as a professional. The applied game 'Communicate' allows you to practice with a variety of difficult situations and new conversation methods. By engaging in conversation in the situation and making choices, you learn what works and what you can achieve with a different approach.

Workshop uCrowds by Roland Geraerts. Have you ever felt unsafe walking in a very busy crowd in a city or in a busy building? In this workshop we will show how crowd flow can be simulated and improved with intelligent gaming technology.

Tuesday 14 May: location-based game and book presentation

15.15-16.00, bridge between Lundlaan and Hoofddijk

Join the location-based game GameOlympics around the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital (WKZ) at the Uithof. The aim of the game is to increase the social inclusion of chronically ill children, but this time all interested parties can participate in the game, which consists of various puzzles and a treasure hunt along locations at the WKZ. The game was developed in the projects PREHealth and Healthy Play, Better Coping. Gather at 15.00, start at 15.15.

17.00-18.30, Spui 25, Amsterdam

Book launch 'The Playful Citizen'. How can digital games encourage and develop civic engagement? How can players be turned into ecological citizens? And how might games revise oppressive social structures? In a playful evening, visitors are treated to an extensive overview of the potentials and limitations of citizen engagement in the digital age, by authors of the recently published book The Playful Citizen. With, among others, Utrecht researchers Joost Raessens, Ingrid Hoofd and Michiel de Lange. More information and registration >>

Wednesday 15 May: network lunch with game companies

12.00-15.00 Mezzanine at Minnaert building

Study association Sticky organizes a networking lunch for students, researchers and game companies. Anyone who wants to work in or collaborate with the gaming industry is welcome. While enjoying a free sandwich, you can discuss possible opportunities with developers from the Dutch gaming industry. Game Technology alumni will also be present to show their final projects.

Thursday 16 May: lectures games & history

13.00-17.00 with subsequent drinks, Parnassos

13.15-15.00 interactive lecture about Utrecht Time Machine by Toine Pieters and Ivar Troost. The history of the city of Utrecht goes back to the Romans – what would it be like if you could make your own journey through time? This scenario looks like science fiction but is now within reach with new digital technology. UtrechtTimeMachine (UTM) is simply a combination of linked data and augmented reality (AR) technology.

15.15-17.00 playful lecture and workshop on Dutch game history by René Glas, Stefan Werning and Jasper van Vught. During this session we will provide insight into the process of creating a national history of games by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, one of the biggest audiovisual cultural heritage institutions in the Netherlands. We will elaborate upon the relevance and urgency of game preservation and will discuss the stakes and issues which arise from the processes of admission and selection of games into an heritage archive. The second part of the session will consist of a hands-on workshop where we will play with game history by designing games with historical datasets. Doing so, we will explore this historical data of Dutch games to assess how game design prototypes as historiographical 'lenses' can produce new views on a national game history.

Friday 17 May: retro games and social event

13.00-18.00 downstairs hall of Koningsberger building

On Friday afternoon, AwesomeSpace will set up the hall of the Koningsberger building as a real retro-gamespace. Here you can play famous and unknown retro classics on old game computers! From 16.00, student association Sticky offers drinks at the retro-gamespace.

Continuous: escape room at David de Wiedgebouw

Throughout the week you can also participate in a real escape room, developed at Utrecht University. Teams look for keys, crack codes and solve puzzles and riddles as quickly as possible through good cooperation, communication, creativity and analytical skills. Complete the mission within 60 minutes to successfully leave the room. Unlike in a regular escape room, MasterMind does not lock you up. The Escape room is for 4-6 persons and is in Dutch; you can sign up as a team or as an individual via the website.

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