From 9 September 2019 08:30 to 12 September 2019 20:00

Future Food Lab Week (Come and taste it!)

Do you want a true taste of sustainability? Well from Monday September 9th, the Educatorium Restaurant at Utrecht Science Park will be dedicating the whole week to focus on the Future Food Lab: the testing ground where the caterer, student and scientist will experiment together to create a green and future-proof restaurant offer. During the Future Food Lab Week, restaurant visitors can literally and figurative taste sustainability through interactive games, exhibitions, lunches and give-aways. Come and be a part of this!


Happy participants of the Green Office's previous vegan lunch in June

Free Food Waste Pop-up Lunch

Monday 9th September, 12:00 pm, Heidelberglaan 8

The funnest and best way to reduce food waste? Why, to eat it of course! On Monday, you can leave all the cooking work to the Green Office, and join them for a (free) Food Waste Pop-up Lunch – made from recovered food that was almost wasted -  on the lawn in front of the Green Office.


The entrance of the Educatorium Restaurant, with a sign on what to expect

Official opening Future Food Lab (for guests)

Wednesday 11th September, 12:00 pm, Educatorium Restaurant, Leuvenlaan 19

The official opening of the Future Food Lab by Prof. Annetje Ottow (Board of Directors) with a lunch lecture by Prof. Dr. George Kowalchuk (head of Ecology and Biodiversity research group).


A snapshot of the ingredients you could be using

Workshop: Vegan cooking hacks

Thursday 12th September, 12:30 p.m., Educatorium Restaurant

Free workshop that teaches you the basics of vegan cooking. Participation is free, but registration is required due to limited capacity via Please include 'Workshop vegan cooking hacks' in the subject.


Ongoing activities as part of the Future Food Lab Week

Monday 9th to Thursday 12th September, Educatorium restaurant

A week with activities and exhibitions about healthy, tasty and sustainable food. Restaurant visitors have a chance to win a lunch, gain insight into the impact of food choices and mix their own smoothie with the Blenderbike. Lastly, in the wooden houses in the seating area of the restaurant, visitors will learn more about the impact of our food system on biodiversity, and how UU scientists contribute to solving this problem.


About the Future Food Lab

How can the use of packaging be reduced, and food waste be prevented? What changes in the menu can further reduce its carbon footprint?

The Future Food Lab is a testing ground where caterer, student and scientist experiment with a variety of research questions to create a green and future-proof restaurant offer. The central location of the Future Food Lab is the middle island in the Educatorium Restaurant (open Monday through Thursday from 8:30-20:00 and on Friday from 8:30-15:00). The Future Food Lab is an initiative of the UU (by the Green Office and Future Food Utrecht) and Sodexo. For more information, visit

Start date and time
9 September 2019 08:30
End date and time
12 September 2019 20:00