From here to ‘real utopias’: The role of knowledge in (de)activating political imagination

'Friends of the Future' Seminar

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Join us on 19 February for an engaging Friends of the Future seminar with Tatiana Sokolova, PhD candidate at Södertörn University in Sweden. Her research project ‘Co-producing knowledge, imagination and action: The role of democratised knowledge-governance interfaces in sustainability transformations’ wil be the starting point for a rich discussion. Register for this seminar by emailing Timothy Stacey:

This conversation will trace the different ways of knowing and unknowing in what might be at the heart of today’s sustainability crises: the society’s ability to cultivate different kinds of political imagination – or a lack of it. We will take a brief foray into metaphors and imaginaries of sustainability as ‘journey’ and ‘mobilisation’; political ontologies of ‘green modernity’, ‘resistance’ and ‘planetary boundaries’; and end with the question of if and how social mobilisation might be charting maps of ‘real utopias’. All these ways of imagining the present and future of sustainability transformations are intricate interplays between knowledge and power, which we will explore.

About Tatiana Sokolova

Portrait of researcher Tatiana Sokolova. She has dark, long hair, wears black frames and a white top.

Tatiana Sokolova is a PhD candidate at the Södertörn University in Sweden. She analyses how knowledge, imagination and action are co-produced by diverse actors at the interface between knowledge and governance for sustainability transformations. Sokolova looks at both sides of the 'power-knowledge' co-production loop: how certain forms of knowledge help construct, maintain and contest sustainability policies and practices, and how political and sociotechnical imaginaries direct sustainability science and research. She is interested in how the plurality of sustainability visions, knowledges and practices across different governance fields, societal actors and epistemic cultures comes together and falls apart in the Global North and South. Learn more about Tatiana Sokolova here:

About 'Friends of the Future'

The Friends of the Future seminars are the Urban Futures Studio’s take on public seminars: warm, interactive, and focused on hope. Each month, we invite an academic, activist, artist, or practitioner to chat with us on the sofa in front of a circle of colleagues and guests. All are welcome.

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