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Susan Kigula
Photo: Jan Banning

Impact Café invites you to attend the Freedom Lecture by Susan Kigula. She has an impressive story to share. Susan tells how she was sentenced to death in 2002 and began studying law while she was 'on death row'. On behalf of all 418 people sentenced to death, she sued the state of Uganda. In 2009, the Supreme Court ruled that the automatic death penalty was unconstitutional and that all death penalty cases could be reviewed. In 2016, Susan was released.

She is an inspiration to many and an advocate for justice and human rights in Uganda. This contribution by Susan is part of a series of dialogues on Freedom that the faculty is organising this year – the year of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Susan Kigula has previously given Freedom Lectures, including at De Balie in Amsterdam. This year she will speak at Tilburg University on September 28 and at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences on 3 October.

Read more about Susan Kigula at Susan Kigula: The woman who freed herself and hundreds from death row - BBC News

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To register for the lecture, please use the registration form

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