Fourth workshop 'Philosophy around 1900'

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900)
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900)

The fourth workshop 'Philosophy around 1900' of the Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW) will take place on Tuesday 24 November at Utrecht University.


Franz Berto (UvA):
'Naive Meinongianism and neo-Meinongianisms (of Three Different Kinds)'

Abstract: Gilbert Ryle once claimed: “Gegenstandstheorie … is dead, buried, and not going to be resurrected”. He referred to (what he took to be) Meinong's object theory, which was taken by most people as refuted after Russell’s turn-of-the-Century attack. Russell fired two objections against Meinongianism: the Objection from Inconsistency (that object theory violates the Law of Non-Contradiction), and the Objection from Triviality (that the theory allows one to prove the existence of anything one wills, a priori). What Russell actually attacked, though, is a view sometimes labelled “Naïve Meinongianism”, and of which it is unclear whether anyone – Meinong included – ever subscribed to it. Since the Eighties, Meinongianism has been revitalised in three main ways by three neo-Meinongian theories (or families thereof), usually labeled Nuclear, Dual Copula and Modal Meinongianism. After introducing Russell’s purported twofold refutation, in this talk Franz Berto explores how the three views reply to the two Russellian objections in different ways.

Natalia Danilkina (RUG):
'From Value Being To Human Being and Other Possible Directions. The Ways of Nicolai Hartmann’s Anthropology'

Carlo Ierna (UU):
'How Brentano met Aristotle’s Friend, the Son of Diares'

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