‘Food in the Anthropocene’ by dr. Floor Haalboom

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The Faculty Club, in collaboration with the International Neighbour Group, organizes a series of lectures (‘This is our University’) on a range of interesting, compelling topics, delivered by academics of Utrecht University.

‘Food in the Anthropocene’

What to eat in times of unprecedented human impact on the planet: the ‘Anthropocene’? How to change a food system that is related to many of the ecological crises we are facing, like the climate crisis, emerging diseases, and biodiversity loss? In order to change the future, it is important to understand how this situation came about. This talk delves into the history of industrial livestock farming, which is crucial for understanding our present food troubles.  

Dr. Floor Haalboom is a medical and environmental historian specialized in industrial livestock farming and its impacts. She is currently working on the Dutch Research Council-funded Veni-project ‘What does your meat eat? A global environmental history of Dutch livestock feed (1954-2020)’, at Erasmus University Rotterdam Medical Centre, and teaches history at the Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht University from the UU Descartes Centre for the History and Philosophy of Science. She is also a member of the UU Network for Environmental Humanities.

After the lecture, at around 19.30 hours, dinner (meat, fish, vegan) with the speaker will be served in an informal setting.

17.30 - 18.00: Walk-in with welcome drink (Belle van Zuylenzaal)
18.00 - 19.15: Lecture Floor Haalboom (in English) (Belle van Zuylenzaal)
19.15 - 21.00: Dinner and opportunity to chat with the speaker (Huiskamer)

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Entrance to the lecture, including welcome drinks, dinner, coffee, tea, is € 25.50. All members of the university community, including (especially) international members of staff, are warmly invited. You’re welcome to bring your partner or friend.  

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