21 May 2019 from 19:00 to 21:30

FOCI Pop Up Event: Gilets Jaunes

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On 21 May (new date!!), the Future of Citizen-based Initiatives (FOCI) Hub organizes a Pop Up Event concerning the Gilets Jaunes movement. Please note, the main language of this event will be Dutch.

The Gilets Jaunes have raised conversation in politics, media, and society. Citizens collaborate in order to showcase their displeasure. How can we understand this forms of citizen participation and protest?

Several disciplines

Three scholars from Utrecht University approach the phenomenon from their respective disciplines, after which they will debate each other and the audience. 

FOCI Pop Up Events

The FOCI Pop Up Events will shed light on citizen initiatives (in a broad sense) in an accessible way that connects to daily news. Find out more about the FOCI Hub on this website

Prof. dr. Annelien de Dijn. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
Prof. dr. Annelien de Dijn

Annelien de Dijn

Annelien de Dijn is professor of Modern Political History and is also connected to Institutions for Open Societies, an interdisciplinary research group focused on the development and growth of open societies around the world.

Start date and time
21 May 2019 19:00
End date and time
21 May 2019 21:30
Entrance fee