7 February 2020 from 16:15 to 17:15

Inaugural lecture Albert Salah

Finding the Human in the Artificial

Albert Salah

Albert Salah, professor of Social and Affective Computing, will be giving his inaugural lecture on February 7.

Long before artificial intelligence (AI) became commercially viable in the form of specialized systems capable of learning and decision making within carefully limited application domains, researchers saw it as a golden cup beyond reach, one that would guide a deeper search for the understanding of the human intellect. As the field progressed, we have witnessed transformations both in the definition of AI, and its scientific practice. In this talk, I will trace my twenty-year long journey in this field and highlight several issues that I find personally important, starting with the processing of social and affective signals for the creation of AI systems that can interact well with humans, but also including core problems of representation and abstraction of knowledge for cognitively-inspired AI models, and the societal implications of the systems that we are developing.

Start date and time
7 February 2020 16:15
End date and time
7 February 2020 17:15
Prof.dr. A.A. Salah
Social and Affective Computing
Inaugural lecture
Finding the Human in the Artificial