Filosofisch Café with Colin Caret: Buddhist Philosophy

Boeddhistische monnik, wegkijkend aan een meer. Foto: Nicolas Hans, via Unsplash

Buddhism is widely known as a religious and cultural tradition, but its philosophical side is not as widely understood. At the Filosofisch Café on 31 October, philosopher Colin Caret will bring change to this.

Philosophical Buddhism

Caret will survey some of the intriguing philosophical concepts behind Buddhist thought. These include the distinction between ‘ordinary’ and ‘ultimate’ truth, the notion of anatman (non-self), and several different ways of explicating dependent existence. He will also mention how these philosophical ideas relate to the practical Buddhist aim of enlightenment.

Colin Caret is assistant professor Theoretical Philosophy at Utrecht University. He works on philosophical logic and epistemology, but also has a side interest in pre-Qin Daoism and early Buddhism. Caret edited a volume of essays for OUP and special issues of the journals Synthese and the Asian Journal of Philosophy.

Filosofisch Café

At the Filosofisch Café, philosophers from Dutch and occasionally international universities talk about their research and engage in conversation with the audience. Topics range from free will to melancholy and from technology to climate ethics.

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Café De Tussentijd, Janskerkhof 24, Utrecht
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