Film screening The Loud Spring: Collective Paths out of the Climate Crisis

Network for Environmental Humanities

Source: YouTube | The Loud Spring - Release Trailer

On Monday 27 November, the Network for Environmental Humanities is hosting a film screening of The Loud Spring: Collective Paths out of the Climate Crisis, with an opportunity to engage in conversations about climate action after the screening.

The screening will be hosted in the theatre room at Muntstraat 2A and will be followed by a roundtable discussion with representatives from activist groups. The evening will be concluded with drinks at a nearby pub. This is the second event in the Towards CoP28 series aimed at involving students in conversations about climate action in the lead-up to the climate summit in Dubai later this year (CoP28). All students, teachers and researchers are welcome to attend and join in on the conversation, we hope to see you there!

About The Loud Spring:

The Loud Spring (der laute Frühling), a 2023 German documentary film by Johanna Schellhagen, produced by the independent feminist collective, follows scientists, like Juliana Steinberger and Andreas Malm, young climate activists, and trade unionists. However, The Loud Spring is not just another documentary about climate activism, as it also engages in speculative fiction, through animated sequences that invite us to imagine what a society capable of curbing climate change and emerging from the crisis cycle might look like.

According to its makers, The Loud Spring “outlines what the profound change we need might look like. In a situation where public awareness of the drastic consequences of climate change is growing, the film draws attention to the elephant in the room: where does the political power to change things come from?”

Director Shellhagen’s statement about the film

“I wanted to make a film that explains why the structural powerlessness of the climate movement will continue as long as it continues to ignore the structural power that people have on their workplaces. I was happy to be able to interview Andreas Malm and Julia Steinberger for The Loud Spring, both superstars of the climate movement. Steinberger has co-written the latest IPCC report and takes part in actions of civil disobedience and Malm is inspiring the climate movement with books like How To Blow Up A Pipeline. The insights into the political activism of trade union activists from Great Britain (AngryWorkers) and Poland (Inicjatywa Prazownicza) are equally essential to the film.”

“Finally, I was excited to develop a piece of fictional storytelling: 12 minutes in The Loud Spring describe the first days of a revolutionary uprising in 2024 Berlin, when the people begin to take over essential production and connect themselves with other regions in upheaval. The time when it was easier to imagine the end of the world rather than the end of capitalism has to end. I wanted to contribute to that shift.”

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