Fighting for Freedom and Justice in Europe – Are We All William Tell? | An Evening with Milo Rau

Source: Michiel Devijver

On 16 June 2022 the Focus Area Migration and Societal Change will host two events with director, writer and filmmaker Milo Rau. Milo Rau is artistic director of NTGent. He is well-known for combining art, literature and politics in his work and for addressing issues like forced migration, colonialism, and structural injustice.

During a workshop in the afternoon, we will jointly explore his work and in particular his methods of (artistic) research.

The public event in the evening addresses Milo Rau’s recent production at Schauspielhaus Zürich, an adaption from Friedrich Schiller’s Wilhelm Tell. In this production Milo Rau and his team engage with the Swiss national play by connecting some of its scenes with current day forms of oppression, resistance, and struggles for freedom.

During our event, we will have a conversation with Milo Rau about his work and notions of critique, protest, resistance, freedom and justice. What is the role of art and academia, theaters and universities with respect to freedom and justice? How can one talk about or represent on stage injustice and oppression? And how is Europe positioned in contexts of struggles for freedom and justice.

Scholars from Utrecht University and everyone present engage with Milo Rau in open conversation by using video clips of the Wilhelm Tell-production and other pieces that will be screened in the room.

Would you like to engage in discussion with Milo Rau? Please register before 10th of June 2022 by sending an e-mail to First-come, first-served. Registered participants can receive texts and links to videos if they want to.

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Bio Milo Rau

Milo Rau is a director, author and since 2018/19 artistic director of NTGent (Belgium). He is known for his daring and at times controversial theatre and film work in which he and his collaborators use re-enactment, trials and tribunals, and other documentary theatre formats to tackle complex social issues related to, amongst others, war, conflicts, political violence, personal and/or national trauma, social injustice, reconciliation processes and more. Rau terms his method ‘investigative anthropology,’ which often requires extensive periods of research and preparation. See the accompanying article for an extensive description of his work (Rau, 2016).

Since 2002, he has created and published more than 50 stage plays, films, books and actions. Milo Rau has been awarded numerous prizes and critics have proclaimed him «the most influential» (DIE ZEIT), «most awarded» (Le Soir), «most interesting» (De Standaard), «most scandalous» ( New York Times), or «most ambitious» (The Guardian) artist of our time. Milo Rau has been awarded numerous prizes and two honorary doctorate degrees. 

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MCW Lab, Kromme Nieuwegracht 20, Utrecht

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