FEST: 'Venus: cloudy with a chance of earthquakes'


Friday Earth Sciences Talk

Dr Iris van Zelst, German Aerospace Center
(Iris is former UU- Earth Sciences student. She did her PhD in computational seismology / earth quake physics at ETH Zürich with Ylona van Dinther.)

Venus is Earth’s sister planet due to their similarity in size and mass. Apart from that, however, the two planets are wildly different, with surface temperatures on Venus that easily melt lead and a surface pressure like the bottom of Earth’s ocean. Additionally, Venus is completely covered in clouds; obscuring its surface and shrouding the entire planet in mystery. What is its interior structure? Is there some form of plate tectonics? Is Venus currently volcanically active? Are there earthquakes - or indeed: venusquakes?

In the coming decades we can start answering these questions with data from the multiple missions that will fly to Venus. In this talk, Iris will convince you that Venus is one of the most interesting planets to study and she will present many ways to start exploring this fascinating planet.

With the Friday Earth Sciences Talks (FEST) we intend to bring the departments of Earth Sciences and Physical Geography together. The aim is to present (mostly) Utrecht-based Earth Sciences in an accessible way in order i) to stay familiar with each other’s work across disciplines and ii) to help (in particular MSc.) students in their orientation on possible graduation specialisations and future careers. Alumni are also invited.

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Koningsbergerbuilding, COSMOS-room; hybrid via https://tinyurl.com/fest-teams
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