24 January 2020 from 16:00 to 17:00

FEST: "State vs Urgenda"

Friday Earth Sciences Talk by Dr Peter Bijl (Earth Sciences) & Dr Rianka Rijnhout (Law, Economics and Governance)

On December 20th, the supreme court of the Netherlands has presented the verdict in the State versus Urgenda case. Urgenda pressed charges against the State to force them to adhere to the Paris Agreement. The court ruled in favour of Urgenda, but the State appealed in cassation. The final verdict by the supreme court has denied all the complaints by the State, and forces to drastically reduce emissions by 2020.

In this special FEST, we will explain the many jurisdictional novelties in this court case, and review the consequences. We will discuss the historic and current Dutch emission mix, the consequences of this verdict for the Dutch and global emissions in 2020 and beyond, in comparison to stated emission reduction policies and sustainable development goals.

With the Friday Earth Sciences Talks (FEST) we intend to bring the departments of Earth Sciences and Physical Geography together. The aim is to present (mostly) Utrecht-based Earth Sciences in an accessible way in order to stay familiar with each other’s work across disciplines. Alumni and students are also invited, in particular MSc students in Earth Sciences. The talk is usually followed by a student-staff social in collaboration with the student society U A V.

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Start date and time
24 January 2020 16:00
End date and time
24 January 2020 17:00