6 December 2019 from 16:00 to 17:00

FEST: "Playing by biology’s rules: How biology controls a system to manipulate crystal growth"

Friday Earth Sciences Talk by Dr Helen King

Every time you move or eat you depend on minerals. Other creatures use minerals for protection or as a waste disposal site, even for navigation. Courtesy of its long, evolutionary history, biology has become the master manipulator of chemical systems to ensure that minerals form when, where and in the shape that serves them best. Often these minerals and their architecture is completely different from what we expect based on the chemical environment. Furthermore, many biologically-made structures could become industrially important. Thus, if we can replicate the biological controls of mineralization, we can create new, novel materials.

During this talk I will show how biology conforms to the fundamental laws governing natural processes, but, manipulates the system to play by its own rules. This includes looking at biology getting it wrong, to understand what happens when it gets it right.

With the Friday Earth Sciences Talks (FEST) we intend to bring the departments of Earth Sciences and Physical Geography together. The aim is to present (mostly) Utrecht-based Earth Sciences in an accessible way in order to stay familiar with each other’s work across disciplines. Alumni and students are also invited, in particular MSc students in Earth Sciences. Subscription to the external mailing list for FEST-announcements is possible via this link.

Start date and time
6 December 2019 16:00
End date and time
6 December 2019 17:00