Farewell symposium Professor Leen Dorsman: Groping through time

Leen Dorsman
Professor Leen Dorsman

On Friday 17 February, Leen Dorsman will step down as Professor of University History. This will also mark the end of his decades-long commitment to the Department of History and Art History at Utrecht University.

His colleagues and students would like to honour Leen Dorsman by organising a symposium prior to his valedictory address. During the symposium, they will highlight both the person Leen and Leen’s working life: 

  • Leen Dorsman and university history (Dirk van Miert)
  • Leen Dorsman and the students (Wieger Lagerveld)
  • Leen Dorsman and historical culture (Marijke Huisman)
  • Leen Dorsman and/or the History Institute (Jeroen Koch)

The symposium will be held in Dutch. For questions, please contact Marijke Huisman.

Start date and time
End date and time
Auditorium, University Hall, Utrecht

Registration is not necessary