12 October 2018 from 16:15 to 17:15

Farewell lecture Paul Schnabel: The beginning and the end

Prof. dr. Paul Schnabel. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
Prof. dr. Paul Schnabel

On 12 October 2018, Professor Paul Schnabel will provide his farewell lecture The beginning and the end: On the aspiration of an increased grip on life.

Paul Schnabel

Paul Schnabel held the position of Distinguished Professor of Utrecht University since December 2002. He was director of The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) from 1998 until 2013. Before his appointment of Distinguished University Professor, Schnabel was already professor in Social and Cultural Policy at Utrecht University.

Paul Schnabel is connected to Institutions for Open Societies, an interdisciplinary research group focused on the development and growth of open societies around the world.


Start date and time
12 October 2018 16:15
End date and time
12 October 2018 17:15