Farewell address Leen Dorsman: University in Crisis? Utrecht University 1986-2021

Academiegebouw en de Domkerk. Foto: Bas van Hattum
Photo: Bas van Hattum

On 17 February, Professor of University History Leen Dorsman will deliver his farewell address entitled ‘Universiteit in crisis? De Universiteit Utrecht 1986-2021’ (‘University in Crisis? Utrecht University 1986-2021’).

Leen Dorsman Academiegebouw
Professor Leen Dorsman

University in crisis?

The 1980s were real crisis years for the university: administrative problems, major cuts, and a profound systemic change in education. Today, the university is once again under heavy attack. What has happened since the great lustrum of 1986?

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Hybrid: online (click here) and for invited guests in the Utrecht University Hall