15 April 2019 from 14:00 to 17:00

Family diversity and inequality seminar

The seminar focuses on the increased diversity among today’s families in most Western societies. The traditional family of a married man and woman with children has given way to a wide range of family types. Most notably, the rise in divorce and repartnering has led to a growth in single parent households and stepfamilies. In addition, there has been an increase in same sex couples with children.

This growing family diversity may have implications for inequality between members of different families (e.g., whether recent types of families are treated differently in the law). Furthermore, the chances of being in a certain family form may also be unequally distributed among people (e.g., people with a lower socioeconomic status may be more likely to be a single parent). The speakers will address inequality issues arising from the increase in family diversity from both a legal and sociological perspective.


Dr. Katya Ivanova (UVA, sociology) - The educational gradient in multipartner fertility: A study of Dutch men and women

The study of socioeconomic differentials in individuals’ demographic behaviors is a flourishing line of research, with numerous studies examining disparities between groups in the likelihood to experience and timing of transitions such as marriage, parenthood, and divorce. This interest is understandable given the clear importance of the different life course transitions not only for the concurrent but also, for the long-term well-being of adults and their children. In our work, we use Dutch register data and contribute to this line of inquiry by exploring the socioeconomic differentials (specifically, differences between educational groups) in Dutch multipartner fertility (having children with more than one partner).

14.45-15.00: break

Mr. Wilma Eusman (Advocatenkantoor De Binnenstad) - All in the family: how an egg donor, a sperm donor, a birth mother and intended parents are related to their child

Modern families, the current law in The Netherlands and the best interest of children give rise to questions like “Do children have a right to equal protection and an equal position  regardless of the family situation in which they are being raised?”  And “Should genetic  parentage between a parent and a child and the intention to parent form equal fundamental bases to hold someone responsible for a child?” This presentation discusses these issues from a legal perspective by addressing current law in The Netherlands and possible future legal changes that account for the wide variety in today’s family forms.

15.45-16.00: break

Dr. Eva Jaspers (UU, sociology) - Same-sex couples’ barriers to realizing families

This presentation describes which institutional constraints are faced by same-sex couples when wanting a family across Europe, and how they shape their family life. Difficulties include limited access to family services and state provisions, but these couples manage to create much more equal divisions of labor than different-sex couples.

Start date and time
15 April 2019 14:00
End date and time
15 April 2019 17:00