From 3 March 2020 11:00 to 12 March 2020 11:00

Faculty Development Working Sessions with Prof Vicki Baker

vicki baker

Professor Vicki Baker (Albion College, US) will be our guest at University College Utrecht and the Centre for Academic Teaching during the first two weeks of March. Her extensive research draws on human resources, organizational studies, and positive organizational psychology and helps individual academics chart their career. It also informs faculty development programs.

Please note: Registration is required for all sessions. 

Rewarding Academic Work: the Discussion about Careers

UU Centre for Academic Teaching,Tuesday 10 March, 12:00-14:00 (lunch provided)

This session is open for all audiences. Register here.

The recent position paper by the VSNU, Room for Everyone’s Talent: Towards a New Balance in the Recognition and Rewards of Academics drew international attention and even admiration (see Times Higher Education, Dec. 3 2019) for its call to end the one-sided emphasis on research performance. To answer this call, institutional leaders need to ensure that their faculty development programs support faculty members in their efforts to be “excellent” across the areas outlined by their institution.

Prof Vicki Baker will lead a cross-Atlantic discussion about this issue and offer insights into how such conversations are evolving in the US across all institution types. Questions discussed will include:

  • How have such career recognition initiatives faired in the US?
  • What are the implications for faculty development?

She will offer an approach to assessing our faculty development programs – one that is not about mere satisfaction with faculty development offerings but instead a strategic assessment of available support that address career stage, disciplinary, and institutional needs. You will leave this session with an assessment framework and action plans to take back to your institution.

Faculty Development in the Liberal Arts

University College Utrecht, Wednesday 11 March, 12:30-17:00 (incl. lunch during & dinner after)

This session is for academic staff members and Deans of University Colleges in the Netherlands. Register here.

Historically, liberal arts colleges have been characterized as “test kitchens” due to the innovative pedagogies, co-curricular, and experiential learning experiences they provide. Yet, liberal arts colleges are under continual scrutiny about the value proposition and relevance of this institution type. Critics often note that other institutions provide the same type of educational experience at a lower cost.  However, liberal arts colleges represent an important institution type in the higher education landscape, one that has and continues to be imitated given the value added of this educational model. During this session, Vicki will facilitate strategic planning activities to achieve two goals:

  • Create a shared liberal arts vision, messaging, and communication strategy.
  • Help session attendees engage in institutional/divisional/departmental strategic planning that aligns with broader stakeholder goals and strategic imperatives.

This session is organized in collaboration with University Colleges Academics Network Netherlands and includes lunch at the start of the afternoon and dinner afterwards. Deans and academic staff at University Colleges in the Netherlands, in particular those interested in faculty development and educational leadership are invited to join. If you are not at a University College but would like to join, please email Christel Lutz at

Senior Fellow Program at Utrecht University

UU Centre for Academic Teaching, Thursday 12 March, 13:00-15:00

This session is for CAT Senior Fellows.

Vicki Baker will sit down with CAT Senior Fellows to discuss the senior fellow program and the individual projects of the fellows. Themes will be: scholarship of education, mentoring, faculty development, women in academia, diversity and inclusion.

This session is organized in collaboration with CAT (LINK). If you are not at a UC but would like to join, please email CAT senior fellow Christel Lutz at


Professor Baker will also host a number of working sessions and individual consultations exclusively for University College Utrecht faculty members. Download the UCU-only program here.

Read the interview with Professor Vicki Baker.

fulbright specialist program


Professor Baker’s visit was made possible with financial support from the Fulbright Specialist Program.

Start date and time
3 March 2020 11:00
End date and time
12 March 2020 11:00