Faculty Club Happy Hour March - International Women's Day


March is Diversity Month at Utrecht University. During this month, you can take part in several special events. Also at the Faculty Club! On Thursday 7 March - on the eve of International Women's Day - we will organise a festive Happy Hour entirely dedicated to International Women's Day.

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During the Happy Hour, special women's beers will be served and researcher Nienke Hettinga will take us into the unknown world of 'The woman as patron: the ability to give'. In addition, former colleague Rosa Falkenburg will provide a musical performance. Among other things, Rosa wrote the new university song of the university


  • 17:00 - 19:00: Happy Hour with special women's beers and live music by Rosa Falkenburg
  • approx 18.15: Interlude of content with Nienke Hettinga on 'The woman as patron: the ability to be able to give'
  • 19.15/19.30 - 21.30: Happy Hour daily snack l Guinness pie with beef l Stew with oven-baked stew and mashed potatoes, meat stewed with Guinness beer for EUR 15 (optional)

There is a free walk-in at the Happy Hour, sign up for our Daily Snack via the registration form. Drinks can be paid at the bar on the evening itself.

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Be sure to invite colleagues or friends and join us!

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There will be a free walk-in at the Happy Hour, sign up for our Daily Snack via the sign-up form.