Extended Reality in the physical learning environment

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You have developed a good idea to implement XR in your teaching. But what conditions should the teaching space meet to best support students in the learning process?

On Tuesday June 11th, the SIG XR and SIG Learning Spaces will join forces to brainstorm together on this question. Join our exciting co-creation on Extended Reality (XR) in education! The aim of the meeting is to gather insights on what you need as a teacher or student for XR education and how does that translate to the (physical) learning environment? Your input is crucial to effectively integrate XR into our education. Let's explore the future of learning together and make full use of XR's potential!

Please note that this session will be in Dutch.

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Van Lier en Egginkzaal, Bestuursgebouw
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Mark Tuesday June 11th 12.00-13.30 in your diary and sign up at fls@uu.nl