From 21 September 2018 09:00 to 6 January 2019 18:00

Exhibition Parchment to pieces

In the last few years hundreds of pieces of parchment and paper from Utrecht University LIbrary and the Utrecht Archives have been examined. The research gave spectacular results: for instance, there was the discovery of the only known manuscript of a text which reaches back to the Christian theologian Novatianus. And medieval compositions never listened to before were found. This research is described in the book Perkament in stukken ('Parchment to pieces'). An exhibition related to the book can be visited in the Utrecht Archives from 21 September onwards.


Utrecht research

It is for the first time that systematic research into this kind of sources was done on such a large scale. It is also special that the Utrecht Archives became involved in the project. The richly illustrated book Perkament in stukken presents 38 remarkable discoveries from the research that is mainly performed by medievalists and master's  students of Medieval Studies of Utrecht University.

According to prof. Marco Mostert of Utrecht University research into these "waste products" has a large scholarly impact: "It not only leads to unexpected discoveries, but is also a gold mine for research into medieval manuscript culture in general. As a result, the images we have of the Middle Ages change considerably - and not only in Utrecht!". 

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21 September 2018 09:00
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6 January 2019 18:00
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