From 19 March 2020 10:00 to 2 April 2020 10:00

Every morning 10 AM: Q&A on remote teaching in Microsoft Teams

Sharing knowledge about education is booming this week. Teachers tweet about their experiences with online education and also the staff of Educate-itEducational Consultancy and Professional DevelopmentCentre for Academic Teaching and others are working at full speed to support everyone as best they can in teaching remotely. The spoken language is usually Dutch, some editions are in English.

Take part in the Q&A here (daily at 10 AM).

The coming period a Q&A every morning at 10 AM in Microsoft Teams is organised to let teachers share their experiences. Everybody is welcome. Every day we invite a teacher to tell us how teaching went this week and what he or she has done, seen and learned. We also ask people from Educate-it, education policy and EC&PD to join us and where possible answer questions directly. In this way we hope to create a good start of the day every day! You can ask your questions and hopefully get an answer right away. All questions that can't be answered immediately, we will take them with us and sort them out for you.


We will put a link on this page every day that allows you to participate in the Q&A in Teams, and we tell you who is talking about the past week on which day. Would you like to tell us something? Do you have a question? Send TAUU an email at

  • On Tuesday 24 March, 10 AM, the Q&A will feature Bert le Bruyn, French Language and Culture.  This week, the teaching team of this course has already gained some experience with Microsoft Teams in different settings. Their approach is to connect as much as possible to our 'standard' education and that seems to work out quite well.
  • Wednesday 25 March ,10 AM, we meet Hetty Boleij, lecturer at Veterinary Medicine. Hetty has converted a lecture assignment to Pitch2Peer last week.
  • Thursday 26 March, 10 AM, Willem Janssen will be our guest. He is an assistant professor at the department of Law and runs a master course with 20 students. The course is currently provided through Teams, and the assessment has been adapted to this situation. Willem shares his experiences with online education and the necessary fine-tuning with colleagues and guest lecturers, which is now also taking place online.
  • Friday 27 March, 10 AM, we welcome Rianne van Lambalgen, lecturer in Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Faculty of Humanities. Rianne is currently providing a bachelor course that has gone online. She has a background in cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence and educational sciences. She is currently researching the effects of online education - enough to share.
  • Monday 30 March, 10 AM, João Trabucho Alexandre will be our guest. He teaches earth sciences at the Faculty of Geosciences and shares his experiences with online education in recent weeks and before. He guides students in Peergrade in doing literature research, writing essays and giving peer feedback. His students now also have to give poster presentations remotely: how does that work?
  • On Tuesday 31 March, 10 AM, Kristin Denzer (UMCU) will be our guest. She explains her experiences with interactive lectures for 170 students. To use Teams within the UMC 20 teachers had to be trained within two days. Kristin will focus on MS Teams, various forms of education (IC, WG, Question Time) and the necessary support.
  • Wednesday April 1st, 10 AM, we will speak with Josien Boetje. Josien has been teaching Arabic online at the UCU since last week. She shows how she integrates multiple apps in the Teams environment (including FlipGrid, EdPuzzle and Memrise). This Q&A will be in English.
  • Thursday April 2nd, 10 AM, lecturer Maikel Waardenburg (USBO, faculty REBO) will share his experience on podcasts as an alternative work or test form, based on recent experience from a faculty USO project.
  • On 3 April, 10 AM, we will return to the questions that came up in the chat and show as much as possible of the functionalities that came up (whiteboard, polls, other tools).
  • Questions about distance learning answered during Q&A are collected on the TAUU forum

Take part in the Q&A here (daily at 10 AM).

Start date and time
19 March 2020 10:00
End date and time
2 April 2020 10:00