Europe and the Price of Well-Being



We invite you to join this conference of the Utrecht University Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe and specifically its CoCoT building block (Foundations of Shared Regulation and Enforcement for a stronger Europe) in collaboration with the IOS Platform “The Transactional State as an Institution for Good”.

Europe and the Price of Well-Being

How to secure 'good' regulation and enforcement in Europe?

‘Good’ regulation and enforcement are vital for countering security threats, securing a human migration and asylum system, a stable, sustainable and social - digital - market economy, the preservation of common goods, reducing poverty and inequalities as well as protecting the rule of law in Europe, its Member States and beyond.

In line with the EU’s fundamental goals to secure peace, its core values and people’s well-being, the Council of the European Union now advocates the realisation of the ‘Economy of Wellbeing’ which seeks to establish a "virtuous circle" in EU and national policy and decision-making by which a new concept of multi-dimensional economic growth - as envisaged by the UN SDG - and the ever-evolving concept of well-being work together to the benefit of people and society

 At this conference we will discuss what “good” regulation and enforcement beholds in the eyes of citizens and institutions and how this can be realised in the interconnected global, European and national context; how we can conceptualise and determine what such ‘good’ regulation and enforcement means and implies; how we can research and measure it properly, by taking what approaches and applying what methodologies; and how it can be – better – realised and what new trade-offs that may entail? What are the substantive and institutional problems and challenges to overcome to secure good regulation and enforcement? Or, at what expense may it come so as to make sure regulation and enforcement are fit for purpose, when it comes to secure the well-being of current and future generations and for peoples’ of all backgrounds and societal positions?

The conference will take stock and compare research approaches and findings on these questions of RENFORCE scholars in different policy domains over the past years, as well as brings together speakers and participants from legal practice and the policy making domain, and including research journalists, statisticians, philosophers and social and political scientists.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers include Lara Fleischer (OECD), David Levi Faur (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Bernard Hoekman (EUI Florence), Lucian Cernat (European Commission) and Parcival Weijnen (Vrij Nederland, FtM).

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Museum Speelklok (Transept zaal), Steenweg 6 Utrecht

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