ERCOMER seminar: "Multidimensionality in Immigrant Integration: A conceptual and empirical investigation"


We are pleased to invite you to the next ERCOMER Guest Seminar. During this seminar Dr. Veronika Fajth will present their work entitled Multidimensionality in Immigrant Integration: A conceptual and empirical investigation. We look forward to seeing you (online) on April 3 at 15:15-16:45!


Immigrant integration scholarship increasingly discusses integration as a multidimensional process, yet there is considerable inconsistency in what we mean by the multidimensionality of integration. To examine this question, we first review different conceptualizations and approaches to multidimensionality in prior immigrant integration research. In doing so, we note that there are two different logical approaches by which multidimensional frameworks of integration tend to differentiate between dimensions: the “thematic” (or conceptually driven) approach and the “empirical” approach, leading to differently structured multidimensional frameworks of immigrant integration. To further examine this point, we then conduct our own empirical analysis, observing patterns of co-variation (or distinction) among a wide-ranging set of integration-related outcomes for first- and second-generation migrants, based on a pooled cross-European dataset (ESS7 2014-15, N = 1,066). The emerging multidimensional framework differs from common thematic dimensions in some insightful ways. Overall, the article advances a more critical approach to multidimensional frameworks of immigrant integration.


Dr. Veronika Fajth is a quantitative sociologist researching issues related to migration and integration. She earned her PhD from the University of Birmingham (UK) in 2022. Her thesis research included a broad-ranging theoretical review of the concept of immigrant integration and three empirical studies examining the integration of first- and second-generation immigrants across Europe from a multidimensional perspective of integration. The paper she will present at ERCOMER was part of this research. Veronika is also an alumna of Maastricht University/UNU-MERIT’s Master’s program in Public Policy and Human Development (2015/2016), where her thesis supervisor was Dr. Özge Bilgili. Since finishing her PhD, she has joined the OECD as a Statistician.



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