22 April 2020 from 15:00 to 17:00

Digital Meet-up

Entrepreneurship Education in Universities

In the last years research universities in the Netherlands have become more focused on entrepreneurship. All universities are setting up entrepreneurial education for their students. But why would we go about this all by ourselves? We should learn from each other's achievements and failures!

That's why the Strategic Alliance - consisting of Utrecht University, Eindhoven University of Technology and Wageningen University & Research - together with Dutch Students for Entrepreneurship (DutchSE) and the VSNU host a meet-up on Entrepreneurship Education on the 22nd of April from 15.00-17.00 hours. Due to the measures concerning the coronavirus, this conference will be held online.

Together with staff, policy makers and students we will pinpoint recurring barriers for entrepreneurship education, share knowledge on how to overcome them and learn from each other's practices.

This digital meet-up is open to everyone interested in entrepreneurial learning or currently involved with (the development of) entrepreneurship education in any way.


Based on the input we received, we picked 3 topics to focus on for this meet-up:

How can universities work on a better orchestration of the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Bringing students in contact with the right parties in the ecosystem around the university is often still done ad hoc. Together, we will explore topics like best practices to organize thematic connections and do account management, what to organize centrally in the university, and how responsibility for entrepreneurship is anchored in the university.

Graduating on your start-up

Doing an internship or writing your thesis on your start-up - which possibilities should universities provide?

Entrepreneurial skills for students and teachers

Entrepreneurial education asks a lot of new skills and competencies from students ánd teachers. How can we implement this in our education?

To enable the right atmosphere for in-debt discussions, we will split up the digital crowd into smaller groups after the plenary opening. Every attendant will be able to attend 2 break-out sessions, whereby each session covers 1 topic. 


Please register (see link below) to receive the information necessary to join this digital meet-up.

Start date and time
22 April 2020 15:00
End date and time
22 April 2020 17:00
Entrance fee
Free entrance