Gender and Diversity Hub’s Brown Bag Conversation

Enhancing Women’s Representation in Decision-Making Bodies

Foto: Donna van Rosmalen

You are warmly invited to join the next Gender and Diversity Brown Bag Lunch centered around the recent Social-Economic Council (SER) advice on installing a diversity quota for corporate boards. The lunch is titled Enhancing Women’s Representation in Decision-Making Bodies.

The lunch will focus on what factors impact on and may ensure women’s progression to the top of company boards and other decision-making bodies, and what measures need to be taken with a view to this. Various members of the Gender and Diversity Hub (Ekaterina Rashkova-Gerbrands, Chantal Remery, Onur Sahin, Linda Senden and Mara Yerkes) have collaborated with Mirella Visser (Centre for Inclusive Leadership/ Nederlandse Vrouwenraad) and Anneke van Doorne-Huiskes (Nederlandse Vrouwenraad) to prepare an advice for the SER on the issue of how to enhance the number of women on corporate boards. On 20 September of this year, the SER has issued its advice to the government, which does for the first time propose some form of quota rule.


During the session, several experts who were involved in this SER advice will join us to discuss the advice. The lunch will commence with a presentation by Mirella Visser on the most important aspects of the advice the Hub has given. This is followed by a presentation by Ivy Koopmans from the SER, who will explain the advice the SER has issued and how it has come to this. Afterwards, Chantal Remery (Chair of Economics of the Welfare State) and Linda Senden (European Law) will reflect on which aspects the SER advice may still be considered to fall short and may be in need for further reflection and research. With the discussion, the Hub members involved also seek to obtain input for the further development of an IOS seed money proposal, which aims to build a research consortium for comparative and empirical research on the topic.


The Hub would like to make these conversations as participative as possible and therefore invites all interested researchers with expertise and/or an interest in diversity and gender equality issues to contribute, as a speaker or a discussant. If you are interested in participating, please reach out to, indicating your availability, whether you would like to contribute as a speaker or a discussant, and what topic(s) would be of interest to you.

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Newtonlaan 201, room 5A-34/38, Utrecht University
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In case you are interested in attending the lunch, please send an email to Places are limited so make sure to register quick.