Embodied AI Talk by Rebecca Stower: HRInterdisciplinary Research. A Psychologist’s Guide to Social Robotics

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After three successful panels, the Embodied AI initiative started organizing a monthly online Talk Series. The goal of this Embodied AI Talk Series is to further understand the research field, build community and increase the visibility of expertise on both national and international levels. This month, we warmly invite you to a talk by Rebecca Stower, who will discuss developments in the field of HRInterdisciplinary Research (HRI).

HRI: a growing field

The number of disciplines in HRI is continually increasing: from originally composed predominantly of engineering and computer science, to now encompassing psychology, communication science, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, among many others.

Alongside this expanding research however, comes a new set of practical challenges and considerations when conducting both into-the-wild and laboratory research that involves both humans and robots.

Challenges and concerns

Concerns regarding both the lack of theory-driven research, and questionable research practices are consistently considered as reasons why findings from HRI studies may be contradictory or inconsistent.

In this talk, Stower will highlight different challenges that can be encountered by HRI researchers when designing and implementing HRI studies and discuss different solutions for how to overcome them. In particular, she will focus on best research practices within the context of the replication crisis, and how the open science movement can be applied in the field of HRI. 

Rebecca Stower

Stower recently defended her PhD dissertation as part of the Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network ANIMATAS. She currently lives in Paris and is working as a postdoctoral fellow at Paris8 CHArt Laboratory in collaboration with the Laboratory of Intuitive and Natural Interactions with Teleoperated Robots (INIT) in Montreal.

Stower is originally from Brisbane, Australia, and holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours First Class) from the University of Queensland, Australia (2016). Her dissertation centred on the conceptualisation and measurement of robot failures during child-robot interaction. More generally, Stower is passionate about the intersection of psychology and technology and how psychological research methods can be applied to digital industries. 

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