25 August 2016 from 14:15 to 15:45

EGPA Workshop Sports & Integrity

Utrecht University will host the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) 2016 conference. As part of this conference the EGPA Workshop 'Sports & Integrity' will take place in Utrecht at August 25. 

The workshop aims to bring together high profile practioners in sports/football agencies and international scholars in ethics and integrity to discuss the socially important matter of integrity in sports. Practitioners will benefit from discussing their ideas and thoughts with international experts on good governance and integrity in (public) organisations. Researchers are given the opportunity to gain more insight into how important players in sports/football understand and define integrity, which dilemmas they experience and which challenges they face concerning integrity management.

The workshop will also be the start of a new research project on the meaning of integrity in sports (focusing on football), financed by Sport & Society. This project aims to understand how practitioners in football agencies experience and define integrity. What does integrity mean in these agencies? How are norms discussed and negotiated? And what is the role of (social) media in defining and framing integrity issues in football? 

The workshop is set up as a panel session. The panel includes both practitioners and international scholars. Five topics will be discussed:

  1. Which moral dilammas do (managers of) sports organisations face?
  2. Is the meaning of integrity in sports and sports organisations different than in other types of organisations, and if so why?
  3. How is integrity in sports (organisations) nowadays threatened?
  4. How do managers deal with (negative) media coverage concerning integrity incidents?
  5. Which strategies can be used to effectively deal with integrity incidents within sports/football organisations?

The panel members will reflect on each of these topics, based on their expertise in practice or research, after which the audience will be invited to give input in a plenary discussion.

Start date and time
25 August 2016 14:15
End date and time
25 August 2016 15:45
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