Effective Coaching Skills for Teachers: How to support your students?


The working language of this workshop is English.

Are you a dedicated educator looking to enhance your teaching approach and provide personalized support to your students? Join this workshop and get to know how to become an effective coach in your classroom. This comprehensive workshop is designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, strategies, and hands-on practice they need to empower their students to reach their full potential. It is developed by an experienced teacher and education innovation expert.

Are you interested in participating in this session, but not able to join at this date/time? Contact cat@uu.nl to stay updated with future possibilities and/or any questions you might have. Are you curious about other workshops focusing on the teacher development? Check out the offer here. And do you have questions about teaching? Then please contact Teaching Support for individual advice or support.

Please also take a look at the Teaching and Learning Collection for background information on teaching, such as various teaching methods, tips & tricks, and projects focused on educational research and innovation.

This session will be given by:

  • D. (Dimitra) Mousa

    Project Manager
    University Corporate Offices
  • dr. Ádám Tóth MSc

    Geosciences - Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development - Environmental Sciences - Sustainability Science and Education
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University Library City Centre E0.21

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