Ecogames conference 2021

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On 12-13 October, Professor of Media Theory Joost Raessens, Associate Professor in Digital Media and Game Studies Stefan Werning, PhD student Laura op de Beke from the University of Oslo, and Professor of Game Design Gerald Farca from Macromedia University in Leipzig will be organising the Ecogames 2021 conference in Utrecht.


The Ecogames 2021 conference is tied to the planned 'Ecogames' anthology, which is scheduled for publication at AUP in 2022. The anthology will focus on the role of videogames in the production, dissemination and interrogation of environmental assumptions resulting from the climate crisis.


The program comprises four sections in parallel with the four sections of the book: 'Games for change', 'Future worlds', 'Metagaming practices' and 'The nonhuman'. The exact schedule for the conference is not yet known, but will be published on the Green Media Studies website as soon as it is available.

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