PhD defence of Wilhelmina Ros

Early phase clinical studies of novel immunotherapeutics in oncology

The research in this thesis focuses on the early stage clinical development of immunotherapeutic compounds in oncology.

The first two chapters describe phase I studies of novel compounds which have not been tested in patients before, and investigates their safety, maximal tolerated dose and preliminary efficacy.

Chapter three describes a phase two study of pembrolizumab, an immunotherapeutic compound approved for a large amount of tumor types. The phase two study investigates the efficacy of pembrolizumab in rare cancer types.

Chapter four describes the development of two assays which can be used in the clinic to measure anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody serum concentrations and receptor occupancy levels.

Chapter 5 discusses an important phenomenon seen in drug development of biologicals: the formation of anti-drug antibodies. These anti-drug antibodies are able to neutralize the therapeutic compound, which may potentially lead to suboptimal treatment.

Chapter 6 discusses chemotherapy as a potential combination partner for immunotherapy.

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W. Ros
Early phase clinical studies of novel immunotherapeutics in oncology
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prof. dr. J.H. Beijnen